Ghost of Tsushima PS4 PlayStation 4 1

Ghost of Tsushima has been a big hit for Sony, and as part of an interview with Games, boss Jim Ryan has admitted it actually exceeded the organisation’s expectations. Talking about the company’s approach to acquisitions and expansion, he said: “Let's talk about Ghost of Tsushima, which has been a critical delight and certainly a commercial delight to an extent that we didn't think it would be. That speaks volumes to the work that Sucker Punch has done to build on their previous canon of work.”

The game sold 2.4 million copies in three days, making it the fastest selling new intellectual property on the PlayStation 4, beating out the likes of Horizon Zero Dawn and Days Gone. And we know that the Seattle-based studio – previously known for the inFAMOUS franchise – is currently recruiting for what sounds like a sequel. It’s going to be an exciting generation as we move into the PlayStation 5 era, isn’t it?