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Here’s a cool story: the developer of DWVR – a PlayStation VR first-person shooter – is working on a patch to fix the release’s incompatibility with the PlayStation 5. You may recall the game was included on the list of PlayStation 4 games not currently playable on Sony’s next-gen system, but writing on Reddit a member of Mad Triangles said: “I’m working on a patch to fix the issue. Hopefully, it can arrive before the PS5 releases. I will also see if the game can be improved for the PS5’s [Game Boost], but need to experiment a lot first.”

Asked exactly what’s wrong with the game, the developer explained that it “just doesn’t launch on PS5 for some odd reason”. He continued: “Quite weird given I’m using Unreal Engine like so many other games that do work fine.”

Hopefully the problem can be resolved for this title and some of the others that don’t currently work on the PS5, making that already extremely short list even smaller.

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