Marvel's Avengers PS4 Beta

Marvel's Avengers is out right now on PS4 (if you nabbed the Deluxe Edition), and it's reasonably safe to assume that it'll be a big seller. As it turns out, last month's beta was the most downloaded beta to ever grace a PlayStation console. With the many, many high profile betas that have come and gone over the years, that's pretty impressive -- even if the game's piggybacking on one of the world's most popular properties.

Having said all that, the beta wasn't well received by everyone. Reactions appeared to be fairly mixed, and it could be that the beta actually put some people off buying the full release. Fortunately, our Marvel's Avengers reviewer Liam Croft assures us that the finished game is, er, much better than the beta. You can expect our review next week, by the way.

Did you play the Marvel's Avengers beta? Did it convince you to buy the game, or perhaps avoid it? Gather your heroes in the comments section below.