Where's Our Marvel's Avengers PS4 Review? Site News 1

Marvel's Avengers is out on PlayStation 4 today via the Deluxe Edition and so you might be wondering where all the reviews, and indeed the Push Square verdict, are. We do have review code of our own and have been plugging away at the game's campaign since yesterday, but given the online nature of this superhero experience, we've had to wait for the servers to boot up before starting to take in everything it has to offer. That means we're playing at the same time as each and every one of you.

As such, we will not have a review for you to digest on the official release date of 4th September 2020. We are not interested in rushing a verdict to print -- that does not benefit us and it does not benefit you, the Push Square reader. Senior Staff Writer Liam Croft, the one penning this article, will be delivering that review and he feels that a weekend's worth of play is warranted on top of these couple of days in the lead-up to launch this Friday. Because of that, you should expect our review to be published at the start of next week.

We want to see the single player story through to its conclusion, dabble in as many War Zone missions as possible, and keep an eye on how the in-game store plays out over a couple of days. It's simply not possible to do that and hit release day at the same time. We shall reassemble next week -- see you there.