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Sony promised it wouldn’t rest on its laurels when it comes to PlayStation 5 software, but that’s one sound bite it was clearly serious about. While delays are always a possibility, we have to take the organisation at face value, and it announced last night that God of War Ragnarok will accompany Horizon Forbidden West and several other games in 2021.

That means the first full year of PS5 first-party software, including the launch line-up that was announced yesterday, will look something like this:

That’s a staggering selection of software, but we naturally tend to have rose-tinted glasses, so let us remind you of what the PS4’s first-party selection looked like during its first full-year on the market:

There’s a clear gulf in quality between these two software selections in our opinion; while the PS4 would eventually go on to amass a sizeable library of must-own exclusives, it feels like the PS5 is simply starting where its predecessor left off. Obviously dates can change – particularly during a pandemic. But as it is right now, this is undoubtedly the strongest showing from Sony’s first-party in a console’s first year we’ve ever seen.