Ps5 Console.original

After a number of UK retailers confirmed they would today have extra PlayStation 5 pre-orders available for those who missed out last week, the second wave has also sold out at a speedy pace. The likes of Amazon UK, GAME, Smyths Toys, Currys, and Argos all made their latest PS5 allocation available throughout Friday morning, but it appears that demand is still at an all-time high as various sites broke under the traffic heading their way. With this second allocation of pre-orders now sold out, it is unclear whether or not any more PS5 consoles will be up for pre-purchase between now and the November launch.

When Sony apologised for the initial pre-order panic last weekend, it said that "more PS5s will be available through the end of the year." These could very well arrive after the system's UK release, meaning guaranteeing yourself a system for 19th November 2020 may no longer be a possibility. We'll be sure to update you should anymore PS5 pre-orders be made available while US retailers are also expected to list a second wave of consoles in the next couple of hours.

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