Slow down Sony, you'll give yourself a headache. Hot on the heels of providing more details on Destruction AllStars, the platform holder has revealed a little more on another of its first party PS5 launch titles, Sackboy: A Big Adventure.

Most of the new info is handily summarised in the new video above, which features some new gameplay to boot. It's looking pretty promising. It's dropping the creation aspect and doubling down on being a big, lighthearted 3D platformer to play alone or with friends.

Over on the PlayStation Blog, there are further details about the game's various editions. If you pre-order the game in any form, you'll get a digital comic called 'The Gathering Storm', detailing some of the lore leading into this new adventure. Alongside the bog standard release will be a digital deluxe edition on PS Store, and a physical retail version called the special edition. This was leaked a while back, but it comes with a cute Sackboy plush toy dressed in a tiger costume.

The digital deluxe and special editions both give you access to some brilliant extra costumes for Sackboy, too: you can dress him up like Connor from Detroit: Become Human, Deacon from Days Gone, Jin from Ghost of Tsushima, and Sam Bridges from Death Stranding. There's also a digital art book and soundtrack thrown in for good measure.

You can pre-order the digital versions of the PS4 game now. Will you be joining Sackboy on his big adventure? Pop into the comments section below.