As this very scribe pointed out on Twitter last night, it's kind of crazy to think that every YouTuber and their dog now has an Xbox Series X while the only person outside of Sony to even touch a PlayStation 5 DualSense controller is Geoff Keighley. However, just a couple of hours later, that take was rendered completely outdated. So, who now has a PS5, you ask? Why it's US rapper Travis Scott, of course!

The Sicko Mode songwriter shared a post on Instagram of him sitting in front of a large TV with a DualSense controller in his lap alongside the caption: "I will be playing until the sun up." We don't know what games he has been given access to, but he strikes us as more of a Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales guy rather than one hyped about Sackboy: A Big Adventure. Also, what on earth are those trousers!?

To be serious for just a second though, this may be an indicator that Sony does plan to get the PS5 in the hands of the media before too long. Japanese YouTubers will go hands on with the console in early October so let's hope western outlets aren't too far behind. Usually around this time, we would be attending media preview events to test out the controller, system, and line-up of games. But then the coronavirus pandemic happened.

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