Football Manager 2021 PS5 PS4 PlayStation

Soccer spreadsheet sim Football Manager 2021 will launch on Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X, and Xbox One this holiday, but both the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 will be left on the bench. Asked why Sony’s systems have been excluded, Sports Interactive boss Miles Jacobson explained that it’s because the Japanese giant failed to provide the studio with devkits – despite requests.

“To make games for a platform, you need a devkit,” he told a franchise fan curious about PlayStation’s absence. “To get a devkit, the platform holder has to want the game on the platform. We spoke with Sony, [and] we have no devkits. We spoke with Microsoft, [and] they sent them to us.” He added: “There are limited dev kits available. They prioritise games they want on their platform.”

Football Manager has appeared on PlayStation platforms before, most notably in the form of Football Manager Classic 2014 on the PS Vita. Presumably Sports Interactive will get the devkits it needs ahead of next year’s iteration, but for now you’re going to have to make do with, er, FIFA 21’s updated career mode for your football management fix. Yeah, we know it’s not quite the same…