Listen, it's perfectly simple: people just want to play as Spider-Man in their Marvel's Spider-Man PlayStation 4 game. We want to feel powerful and speedy like the spandex-clad superhero, swinging between buildings with grace before hitting bad guys like a train. But what if you could play as the villains? That'd be pretty fun too, surely?

In the above clip, someone has made Wilson Fisk, aka Kingpin, playable in the PS4 exclusive. Using a jailbroken console, a modder has swapped out the Spidey character model for Fisk, and the results are extraordinary.

Seeing the supervillain swinging through the skies and laying the smack down on his own men is hilarious, but it all turns a bit creepy when it comes to cutscenes. For example, the scene in which Kingpin confronts, er, Kingpin. The modded character doesn't open his mouth to talk, and he looks like something that'd crawl right out of Peter Parker's nightmares.

This obviously isn't accessible to play, but it's amusing nonetheless. What do you think of Spider-Fisk? Swing by the comments section below.