No Man's Sky crops up every now and again, and every time it does, there's some gigantic update. The latest is Origins, a typically enormous, game-changing overhaul. The update is out right now on PlayStation 4 with a free, 11GB patch.

So, what could Origins possibly add to the already stuffed space exploration game? Well, loads, it turns out. The patch notes, as always, are massive, so we'll go through some of the larger points here.

Origins makes the game's universe "stranger, richer and more varied". Millions of new planets have been added to the galactic map, and worlds are now even more diverse than ever. More varied terrain, huge buildings, more NPC interactions, lots of new plant and animal life, and extreme weather effects have been incorporated, such as volcanic eruptions, lightning, and tornadoes. And, finally, those giant sand worms from early trailers are actually in the game.

Some planetary systems now might have two or even three stars, and new cloud tech and colour variants give each planet an even more unique feel. The user interface has been refreshed to make navigating the menus a little more streamlined, and photo mode has had an overhaul too.

The amount of new stuff is frankly ridiculous. Check out the full patch notes to learn more, and get downloading Origins to check it out. Will you be diving back into No Man's Sky? Ride giant space insects into the comments section below.