NBA 2K21 PS4 PlayStation 4 Patch 1.01

If you’re buying NBA 2K21 on Blu-ray then be prepared to set aside some time and hard-drive space for the basketball simulation’s day one patch, as it weighs in at an ankle breaking 26.3GB on the PlayStation 4. While you’ll be able to play the game without it installed, you won’t be able to play online or download the latest roster data. In other words, you’re going to want to set aside some time before grabbing it.

So, what does the gigantic update entail? “Improved the stability of the title in addition to a number of general improvements to the user experience,” the patch notes state. If you’ve purchased the game from the PlayStation Store then the patch should be automatically bundled with your pre-load, and thus you’ll be able to get started as soon as the title’s available in your time zone. Nevertheless, if you need to kill some time while you wait, then why not check out our NBA 2K21: Best Builds for MyPlayer and MyCareer guide?