Fall Guys is getting a bit of a shakeup part way through its first season. In a new game update — available right now — developer Mediatonic is throwing a spanner in the works, adding some random variations to levels you've become accustomed to.

Patch version 1.07 weighs in at about 863MB, and adds Big Yeetus, a large spinning hammer that will randomly spawn to cause some mischief. But it's not the only change coming to the game; certain levels have been updated with unusual spins, whether it's turntables on the Fall Ball pitch or the doors in Gate Crash betraying their normal patterns. What's more, these changes will show up randomly, so even veteran Fall Guys players will need to watch out.

Elsewhere, this update promises to improve stability. The game has had its fair share of server struggles, and this patch aims to make the experience "just that little bit smoother". Server improvements and overhauled visual effects are some of the changes being made in this update.

Again, the update is ready to roll on PS4, so get your game updated and try out the more unpredictable stages. Are you hopping back into Fall Guys following this update? Fall into the slime in the comments section below.

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