It'll soon be October, and as we all know, Hallowe'en isn't just a one day holiday — it takes place throughout the month. As we brace ourselves for the onslaught of spooky shenanigans, it seems Media Molecule will be joining the festivities via Dreams. An event named All Hallows' Dreams is coming to the ever-evolving PlayStation 4 title, as announced on good ol' Twitter:

So, what exactly is this event, then? As stated in the tweet, All Hallows' Dreams will take the form of a big interactive haunted house, filled with rooms and pumpkins made by the community. You can get involved right now if you're so inclined. If you want to have your haunted room featured in the house, you need to submit your entry by 27th September.

There are two templates you'll need to download if you want to make a submission. The first is a blank room that you can decorate and customise as you see fit, while the other is a pumpkin you can carve to go in the digital pumpkin patch. Both templates will apparently be at the top of the DreamShaping menu.

There are more rules and guidelines to be read here. We're looking forward to wandering through all your terrifying creations. Will you be building a room for the Dreams haunted house? Look out behind you in the comments below.

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