Dying Light 2 Keyart Ps4.original

It's been quite a while since we last heard anything concrete about Dying Light 2, hasn't it? The sequel was delayed indefinitely at the very start of this year, before even the coronavirus pandemic took hold, and since then we haven't had any new gameplay or even a new piece of information. Rumours of problems in the workspace and a Microsoft acquisition did the rounds back in May, but these were very quickly shot down. And so nine months after that initial delay, it's understandable to question what exactly is going on with the project.

While we don't have any new info on the title itself to share, it has been confirmed to us that Dying Light 2 is still very much in development and working towards a new internal schedule. We reached out to Techland, with Ola Sondej, senior PR manager at the company, stating: "The Dying Light 2 development is moving forward according to our internal schedule we revised at the beginning of the year."

Following the pushback at the beginning of 2020 out of a Spring release window, many assumed that this was because the developer wanted to launch alongside the PlayStation 5. However, less than two months away from the next-gen console's release, that appears to be very much not the case. This is now shaping up to be a 2021 title that will surely lead with the PS5. A version for the Japanese giant's next system has been confirmed, after all.

Are you still excited about Dying Light 2, or had you completely forgotten about it given how long it has been since any news was shared? Survive the apocalypse in the comments below.