Dying Light 2 PS4

We initially chose not to report on it due to some dodgy translations, but earlier today you may have picked up on some speculation that developer Techland has been having development issues with Dying Light 2. The game was delayed indefinitely earlier this year, and Polish website PolskiGameDev appeared to have the scoop on why. It talked of communication issues with narrative designer Chris Avellone, a lack of clear direction, and the uncertainty over whether or not the team had been bought by Microsoft. However, none of this actually appears to be the case. Techland PR has been quick to stamp out the unsubstantiated chatter by taking to Twitter.

Ola Sondej, senior PR manager at Techland, tweeted that the studio remains an independent developer and has not been bought by another company. Dying Light 2 also continues to be scheduled for launch on PlayStation 4.

Sondej then follows that tweet up by saying that the translations doing the rounds of PolskiGameDev's article are entirely wrong. "On that note, the translation of the Techland article floating around is totally inaccurate." Of course, a developer is never going to confirm private workplace issues are a thing in public, but the fact that PR quickly stamped this one out leads us to believe that the story is indeed wildly inaccurate.

[source twitter.com, via polskigamedev.pl]