Bungie knows how to put together a good trailer, and this latest one for Destiny 2: Beyond Light is more evidence of that, but we think the studio is in for its toughest time yet when it comes to actually marketing the expansion. This latest piece of DLC is said to be fairly significant, except it comes out on the same day as the Xbox Series X and 48 hours before the US launch of the PlayStation 5. How on earth are you supposed to compete with that?

Regardless, we're sure the most hardcore of Destiny fans will still be there on day one. Including us because we'll have to review it! This trailer is all about the newest location — the frozen wastelands of Europa. This area has been teased since the very beginning of the franchise in concept art, so this feels like a fairly important moment. Variks is also back, who you may remember from the Prison of Elders activity.

Are you still playing Destiny 2? Are you excited for the Beyond Light expansion despite the delay? Disable mines for Variks in the comments below.

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