Resident Evil 7 PS4

It's been a three-horse race for quite some time now, but Capcom can now finally claim it has an overall victor in the pursuit for the title of best-selling Resident Evil game. It is Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, which has now pulled away from the last-gen version of Resident Evil 5 by 200,000 units. The twosome had been battling it out alongside Resident Evil 6, but the latest and greatest from the Japanese publisher has now come out on top.

This is reflected in Capcom's Platinum Titles chart, where Ethan Winters' initial descent into horrific madness sits on 7.9 million copies sold. The protagonist will be returning to the franchise next year with Resident Evil Village, where he'll surely hope to set another record on PlayStation 5. The series recently celebrated surpassing 100 million units sold worldwide, indicating that the thirst for all things Resident Evil isn't over just yet. There's much more to come, with a Resident Evil 4 Remake heavily rumoured to be currently in production.