Resident Evil 4

According to Video Games Chronicle, a website quickly becoming known as an incredibly reliable source of information and leaks, Capcom has a Resident Evil 4 remake in development right now at support studio M-Two. Original director Shinji Mikami has given his blessing to the project which aims to release at some point in 2022, presumably on PlayStation 5.

Mikami was approached to direct the remake, but he turned down the opportunity to focus working on Tango Gameworks' Ghostwire Tokyo. Instead, he has provided "informal advice on its direction." One source told VGC that a newcomer to the series will be directing Resident Evil 4 remake in his place.

The site in question has gained a reputation for trustworthy reports, so we reckon this one is right on the money. Fans have been debating whether or not Capcom would choose to remake Resident Evil: Code Veronica X or Resident Evil 4 next, and it looks like the Japanese publisher has gone with the latter. Let's hope it gets it right this time around after Resident Evil 3, because this is a behemoth of a project when you take into consideration the love that the franchise's fourth entry continues to receive.

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