Madden NFL 21 will follow in FIFA’s footsteps and incorporate its own adaptation of the street-focused Volta football mode named The Yard. Inspired by backyard football, this brand new option introduces its own rules and progression, challenging you to develop your own avatar in 6v6 matches where the centre can pass directly to anyone in the backfield.

With a relatively small playbook, this is all about creating plays after the snap, and pulling off some TikTok-worthy stunts along the way. You’ll earn a new currency as you play which can be spent on gear and threads, but we all know EA Sports will be all-too eager to take real-world money for some of the more exclusive outfits, too.

You can check out a trailer above which also introduces the global locations you’ll be able to play the mode in, from the Lambeau Field tailgate in Wisconsin all the way through to a gridiron field in Berlin. It sounds like the publisher will be updating this mode with new gear and locations throughout the course of the year too, so there should be plenty to look forward to.