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You’ve surely already seen the PlayStation 5’s first commercial, but if you haven’t then you know what you need to do. You can watch it here – don’t worry, we’ll wait for you. All done? Good, then we can tell you what Sony’s marketing bigwig Eric Lempel had to say about it, as part of an interview with Games Industry.

“This is probably the most literal part of the campaign, where we're really deliberately talking and trying to convey with feeling different parts of the product,” he explained, referring to the emphasis on 3D audio, haptive feedback, and adaptive triggers. “There will be other parts of the campaign that will be much broader and generate the excitement of the world of interactive entertainment.”

Lempel added that Sony felt it’d be best to focus on the innovations that its next-gen system is offering, before branching out into other areas: “We felt like this was a good way to kick off specifically talking about PS5 and what's different, and these three things are part of the big differences. There are more beyond this of course.”

Presumably, future adverts will focus on the games, with the platform holder touting the "best lineup in PlayStation history". Let's be honest here, Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales is going to effectively sell the system single-handedly, isn't it?

[source News: PS5 Launch Window Has the 'Best Line-Up We've Ever Seen in the History of PlayStation']