Update: Sony has officially unveiled the new PS5 advert after it leaked earlier today.

This video is an extended version of the below cut, but is largely the same. There's an emphasis on the PS5's major innovations that aim to immerse you even further in games. It's a flashy promo, and you can read more about it over on the PlayStation Blog.

Original Story: A brand new advertisement for PlayStation 5 has emerged online.

The official YouTube channel of PlayStation Hungary uploaded a short commercial for the upcoming next-gen console, but has now made it private. However, you can watch the ad in the following tweet from Daniel Ahmad:

It looks to us like a TV ad, focusing on some of the PS5's immersive features like 3D audio and adaptive triggers. The video's description, when run through Google Translate, reads: "Feel more. Haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, 3D audio. The PS5 is coming soon."

No games are represented within the promo. Instead, it's another out-there Sony advert that throws around lots of CGI. It's pretty cool, and certainly isn't the most unusual commercial for PlayStation. Given this initially appeared through an official channel, we'd expect to see this video in the mainstream fairly soon (sans the Hungarian subtitles, obviously).

Is this a hint that Sony is preparing to give us more PS5 news soon? Probably not, but it is a positive sign that the console will hit its holiday 2020 release. Let's hope to hear more concrete details soon, lest we all go mad.

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