Look, Children of Morta is already highly worthy of your time -- it's a great rogue-like action game. However, if you needed something to give you a nudge, how about this brand new DLC pack that benefits a real world charity?

Paws and Claws is a new expansion for Children of Morta that's available right now on PlayStation 4 and other platforms. It adds an in-game animal shelter, where various fluffy and feathered friends will congregate. You can look after them by feeding them treats, and doing so will grant the Bergson family various buffs for when they take on the Corruption.

More importantly, the proceeds earned by this DLC will all be going to Humane Society International, a large global charity dedicated to protecting animals. You can learn more about the organisation through the link, or by watching the above trailer, which we recommend for its high concentration of pets.

The Paws and Claws DLC pack costs $3.99 / £3.29, and you can get it now to help out a good cause.