Jim Ryan PlayStation 1

It’s looking increasingly likely that Microsoft will scrap its Xbox Live multiplayer fee next generation, putting PlayStation in a somewhat precarious position. Sony, though, will mostly be thinking about its bottom line, and with an outrageous 44.9 million active subscribers, it’s unlikely to shed its supremely successful subscription.

That latest figure comes courtesy of a record-breaking financial report, in which the Japanese giant pulled in an eye-watering $5.63 billion in revenue. Sales were boosted by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, with many flocking to the PlayStation Store to pick up new games. In total, the manufacturer flogged 91 million titles in the period spanning April through June.

Frankly, the financial report makes for mind-blowing reading, and while it’s definitely been accelerated by unprecedented global circumstances, Sony’s biggest challenge now is keeping this streak flowing as it enters a new generation. Transitioning its customer base to the PS5 will be challenging, but so far it seems confident of pulling it off.

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