There are intensifying rumours that Microsoft is planning to scrap the multiplayer paywall on its Xbox consoles, meaning that you wouldn’t need to pay a subscription fee to play online. It’d be a bold move considering the Redmond firm was the first to introduce such a scheme on consoles, but would it impact your relationship with PlayStation Plus at all?

Sony’s membership model has become an outrageous cash cow for the company, attracting over 41.5 million subscribers. While the company’s yet to comment on how PS Plus will be incorporated into the PlayStation 5, it’s safe to assume it will continue to be a requirement for online multiplayer throughout the next generation and beyond.

But if the Xbox Series X scraps the paywall and Sony doesn’t, would that affect your PS5 purchasing intent at all? What would the Japanese giant need to do to justify its popular subscription service, and could it even impede hardware sales? This is a very real reality the manufacturer may be facing, so we’re eager to hear your thoughts on it all.

Would you still pay for PS Plus if online multiplayer was free elsewhere?
Would you consider a console with free online multiplayer over PS5?
What could Sony do to improve the value of PS Plus?