PlayStation 4 exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn will point its bow-and-arrow at both Steam and the Epic Game Store from 7th August, publisher Sony has announced in what is shaping up to be a bold new move from the platform holder. This is the first major first-party title that the Japanese giant has pledged for the PC, and while it’s unlikely to be the last, well, it feels a bit weird right now.

The trailer centres on some of the improvements you can expect from the re-release, and developer Guerrilla appears to be pandering to the PC audience with all sorts of graphical options, including adaptable framerates up to 120 frames-per-second and an adjustable field of view. Reflections have also been enhanced, perhaps paving the way for potential PlayStation 5 improvements as well.

Of course, you’ll need to buy Sony's next-gen system to play the sequel Horizon Forbidden West, and this does look like it’s going to prove smart business from Sony in the long run. Not only will it have the opportunity to introduce the series to an entirely new audience, but it also stands to profit from a project that’s largely run its course on the PS4.