Skater XL is out today on PlayStation 4, and since this is a traditional marketing cycle, we've got a launch trailer to go with it. You can view that above, but perhaps the most interesting thing about it are the potshots it takes at EA's own digital version of the sport. Footage is accompanied by fans who have been playing the game during an early access phase and boy do they want to talk about Skate.

Jbooogie, who has apparently played a ludicrous 2400 hours of the title, claims they couldn't go back to the PlayStation 3 series after testing Skater XL prior to launch. Meanwhile, KyllowaTT, who comes in at a slightly more respectable 74 hours played, said: "Gameplay mechanics blow EA Skate out of the water." Well, we guess we can put that to the test once Electronic Arts gets round to putting out the Skate revival project it confirmed was in the works last month.

In the meantime though, we have Skater XL. Are you picking up this skating simulation? Ollie into the comments below.