PS5 Black And Red

Hmmm, what do we make of this, then? Originally posted over on ResetEra, a Sony marketing pamphlet supposedly shows a black and red PlayStation 5 console. The pamphlet itself seems legitimate -- it's marketing that's directed at store employees, and covers various Sony products.

The real question is whether the black and red PS5 actually exists, or whether it's simply been shopped so that it fits the colour scheme of the pamphlet.

Here's the full picture:

PS5 Black And Red 2

While it's inevitable that Sony will eventually release special editions of the PS5 that boast different colour schemes, the standard white, black, and blue console is the only design that's been made official.

In short, we don't think this image confirms the existence of a black and red PS5 -- at least not yet. It's entirely possible that the company responsible for this pamphlet picked up a fan-made design because it fit the bill. But it's an interesting find nonetheless.

What do you think? Would you prefer a black and red PS5? Give us an honest opinion in the comments section below.

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