We've all seen that Ghost of Tsushima player get absolutely wrecked by a barrage of Mongol arrows, right? Well Reddit user lys1030 has somehow made Jin Sakai's life even more miserable.

They attack the same Mongol war camp that can't be captured until later in the story, resulting in a never-ending hail of arrows. These projectiles are meant to kill Jin and force you back to your last checkpoint, but what happens when our hero simply refuses to die?


Equipped with Samurai Armour (which gives you a Resolve boost whenever you take damage), and no doubt a bunch of Resolve-boosting Charms, lys1030 is able to heal faster than the arrows can kill. The result is a ridiculous scenario where the arrows are juggling Jin for as long as you can be bothered to mash down on the d-pad.

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Would you ever subject Jin to such torture? Watch out for arrows in the comments section below.

[source reddit.com]