PS5 Physical Digital Sony 1

That there are two versions of the PlayStation 5 came as a bit of a shock, and it’s something we haven’t really discussed yet. Unlike what’s being rumoured for Xbox – that is two disparate models, with a more affordable alternative to the Xbox Series X still to be announced – Sony’s essentially unveiled two identical models, although one lacks a disc drive.

Your options are as follows then: the bog-standard PS5 with a 4K UHD Blu-ray drive or the PS5 Digital Edition without. All of the internals, including the uber-fast SSD hard drive, remain identical. The Japanese giant’s yet to announce PS5 pricing information, although it’s practically guaranteed that the disc-less device will be at least $50 cheaper.

But which version are you planning to buy? Obviously, the PS5 Digital Edition makes backwards compatibility a little more awkward, unless you’ve been purchasing all of your PlayStation 4 software through the PS Store. It also limits your options in the future: you’ll be forced to buy your games digitally, even if you see a better deal in brick-and-mortar shops.

But there are benefits to the PS5 Digital Edition: it’s more aesthetically pleasing than its Blu-ray boasting contemporary for one – and there are very clear, obvious advantages to buying and owning games through the PS Store as opposed to having to piddle around with pesky physical discs. But which side of the fence are you currently sitting on? Let us know.

Which version of the PS5 do you plan to buy?