Resident Evil 8: Village
Image: Biohazard Cast

It feels like we're getting a new Resident Evil rumour or leak every other day at the moment. This time around the website Biohazard Cast is claiming that the eighth instalment in Capcom's classic franchise will be called Resident Evil 8: Village (working title) and is due for release on both PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 as a cross-gen title in early 2021. The Coronavirus could affect the timing of the launch, however.

The site goes on to claim that a witch will hunt and stalk the player, similar to that of Mr X and Nemesis, with the enemy turning into insects when it is defeated. Chris Redfield also plays an important role in the experience with yet another redesign under his belt, while flashbacks supposedly tell of a gruesome and questionable past with protagonist Ethan. The game will be set in Europe and will sport either a Resident Evil 4 style inventory system or stick with what Resident Evil 7: Biohazard implemented. Capcom is testing both systems and doesn't appear to have landed on a decision just yet.

As always, we recommend you take these rumours with a huge grain of salt. We're doing the exact same thing, but feel it is important to bring you the latest industry claims. Biohazard Cast states that these rumours are sourced from internal testers, so we'll have to see whether they come to fruition or not. Known leaker Dusk Golem backs the report up by saying: "I'm gonna' say this now, it's gonna' be real."

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