Batman Arkham Knight PS4

There might be a bit of uncertainty surrounding the Warner Bros gaming division after it was reportedly put up for sale, but that isn't stopping those developers from announcing their latest titles. DC has just announced the DC Fandome, a virtual event where fans can come together to celebrate the brand on Saturday 22nd August. Most importantly, it'll play host to "new announcements from WB Games".

Given the digital convention's focus on superheroes which fall under the DC umbrella, there has to be a good chance that the Batman game which has been teased for such a long time will finally show its face. We wouldn't bet our house on it though. The rumoured Harry Potter RPG probably won't be there either, but there's a decent chance that Rocksteady's next project could put in an appearance if it's based on a DC superhero. We've been waiting a long, long time to see these games and there could be some light at the end of the tunnel.

Do you hope to see the next Batman game at DC Fandome? Don't get too hyped in the comments below.