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Warner Bros’ gaming division is more exciting than it’s ever been, with Mortal Kombat at its strongest, a long-awaited Harry Potter game on the horizon, and an unannounced project from Rocksteady in the works. But it seems that parent company AT&T is eager to get out of the business, and has put the publisher up for sale with a valuation of $4 billion.

According to a report by CNBC, rivals such as Take Two, Electronic Arts, and Activision Blizzard have all expressed interest in an acquisition, but no deal is imminent. Some of the studios under the organisation’s umbrella include NetherRealm, TT Games, Avalanche Software, and the aforementioned Rocksteady.

Presumably any in-progress projects will remain unaffected for the time being, but given that many of the publisher’s titles are based upon licensed properties, a takeover could cause headaches in the future. Apparently, AT&T is floating the idea of a commercial licensing agreement, which would allow it to continue to earn revenue off properties like Lord of the Rings.