Bloodborne PS5 PC PlayStation 1

In news that’s sure to have Twitter in a twist, it sounds like Bloodborne will release on PC at some point in the future. This has been a recurring rumour for a while now, although the sources have always been shaky. Not much has changed on that front, although we like to think there’s no smoke without fire – and, well, a few embers are beginning to burn now.

The story re-emerged with Twitter user Sloth Mom (we know!), who claimed to have had the conversion “confirmed” by a “very trusted source”. They added: “I have a lot of faith in the company who's doing the port, you won't be disappointed. It genuinely is happening.” This then kickstarted are tidal wave of teases.

Renowned deals expert Wario64 later added that you can “play Bloodborne on PC with PlayStation Now or wait a little longer”. It’s unclear if he was just hopping onto the already snowballing Twitter rumours, but Kinda Funny host Imran Khan followed up: “Not going to comment specifically on Bloodborne on PC rumours, but suffice to say FromSoftware fans probably have a lot of reasons to be happy in the next two years.”

With the rumours set in motion, Sloth Mom then returned with the following nugget: “I can confirm that it's not just a PC port of Bloodborne, what was supposed to be revealed today was a Bloodborne Remastered that was coming for PlayStation 5 and PC. I don't know of any release date as of yet.”

We’ll contact Sony for comment, but realistically we can’t imagine it’s going to tell us anything right now. A potential revival of the Bloodborne intellectual property – whether it’s on PS5 or PC or both – should prove positive news for franchise fans, though, as it increases the odds of a sequel at some point in the future. And we all want that, don’t we?

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