Bloodborne PS4 PlayStation 4 1

Bloodborne is coming to PC, according to one of the worst rumours of the year thus far. A widely shared Respawn First post cites a “leaker” from a “private group”, whose sources include “the gaming industry” and the “word’s [sic] most active gaming forum that is [ResetEra]”. The report has since been picked up by several other publications, despite being entirely baseless.

We feel that, when stories like this gain traction, it’s important for us to get to the truth. The original poster claims that FromSoftware’s bloodthirsty PlayStation 4 exclusive “could take 10 months to a year to get announced” for PC and that fans shouldn’t be perturbed when other Sony titles making the jump to Steam first. They add: “Do not take this as 100 per cent confirmation.”

Sony has, of course, announced Horizon Zero Dawn for release on PC, with MLB The Show 21 and others likely to follow in the future. However, this rumour has no basis in reality – the source is already terrible, but the content of the “leak” itself is somehow even worse. Bloodborne may one day make it to PC, but this particular story is pure fantasy for now.