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It feels like the gaming world has been waiting on a new entry in the Skate series for eons, and EA has finally announced its return. Yes, a brand new Skate game is in the works, and while it's undoubtedly very early days, the publisher has hinted at some details in a recent investor call.

As reported by VGC, Electronic Arts CEO Andy Wilson has suggested Skate 4, or whatever it'll be called, may put the focus on online community and user-generated content. "You take a game like Skate, and while skateboarding in and of itself has tremendous appeal to a huge, global audience, there’s also another secular trend that’s happening inside our industry around user-generated content, open-world and interaction," he says.

Wilson goes on to explain that, while a skateboarding game has appeal on a base level, you can add in "user-generated content, exploration and community on top of that" to create something even broader. It sounds like the social features of this new Skate game will be pretty fleshed out. Perhaps we'll be able to build skate parks, share skating lines, or make our own tricks?

We imagine this talk also means Skate could transform into a service game of sorts, with seasonal content and new challenges and modes dropping in to keep players engaged. It makes a lot of sense when you think about it. As Wilson concludes: "There’s a whole new world that we’re going to unlock with Skate, that goes well beyond just creating a skateboarding game."

We probably won't be seeing this game for quite some time, but what do you think of these brief details? Are you excited for the next Skate title? Manual into the comments section below.

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