Housemarque PS5 PlayStation 5 1

Sony and Housemarque have been BFFs for a ridiculous length of time, so it’s perhaps not particularly surprising to learn that the pair may be partnering on a PlayStation 5 project – especially considering ex-Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida visited the Finnish firm last year. European website Game Reactor appears to have the scoop, stating that the team’s “biggest and most ambitious” title is being prepped for the Japanese giant’s next-gen launch.

If true, we’ll almost certainly see the release during this week’s PS5 Games Reveal Event, although the details do seem somewhat sketchy. We know that the developer’s planning a departure from the arcade-based outings that it’s famous for, and we also know that it put its Battle Royale release Stormdivers on hold in order to focus its efforts on whatever this title turns out to be. We’ll try and get some more information, and will update if we hear back.