Destiny 2 PS4

Tomorrow is a big day for Destiny 2. Bungie will be unveiling this fall's next expansion to the looter shooter and the season which bridges the gap between now and then kicks off straight after that livestream. However, it looks like the name of that content has already made its way onto the internet. Titled Season of Arrivals, the Australian PlayStation Store has spoilt the surprise.

Leaked through a Silver bundle of all things, which is the game's microtransaction-based currency, the season costs $21.95 for this particular version and comes with the Strange Visitors Legendary emote. The more interesting part of this listing lies further down, however. It speaks of hard drive space required from 22nd September 2020, which some are taking to be the release date of Destiny 2's next big expansion.

We'll be tuning in for tomorrow's digital showcase and will be sure to bring you the news that Bungie decides to share. This PlayStation Store listing is quite clearly a real thing, however. Now it's just a case of the developer confirming things. Are you interested in getting back into Destiny 2? Let us know in the comments below.

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