Update: We're no closer to knowing what is happening with WiLD, as what was originally believed to be new concept art has actually been confirmed as old. The images below all first appeared on Facebook a couple of years ago, so unfortunately can't be used as evidence of the project's progress. We'll check in with Sony to see if it has anything new to say about the title, and will update when we hear back.


Original Story: What has happened to WiLD? Announced all the way back at Gamescom 2014 and playable for press even before then, Rayman creator Michel Ancel has gone completely dark on the PlayStation 4 exclusive. Could it be making the jump to the next-generation at this point? We hope so to be completely honest, and now some new concept art has appeared on the game's official website to increase our excitement levels all over again.

Posted below for you to take a look at, the five new pieces of artwork are rather striking. Combining the beauty of wildlife and the scenery that surrounds them, WiLD could still be one incredibly stunning game.

The game is certainly due for a re-reveal, but then the exact same thing happened just under a year ago where new key art was released for the title and nothing came of it. If WiLD is a PlayStation 5 game now, however, the presumed upcoming console reveal event would be the perfect time to introduce it once again.

Do you hope WiLD still sees the light of day at some point in the future? Form bonds and friendships in the comments below.

[source wildsheepstudio.com]