Rainbow Six Siege Mobile Clone

Ubisoft certainly isn't happy about a mobile game called Area F2. The French publisher calls it a "near carbon copy" of its incredibly popular team-based shooter, Rainbow Six Siege. As such, the company's looking to sue Google and Apple for continuing to sell Area F2 on their digital storefronts, despite requests to remove it.

"Virtually every aspect of AF2 is copied from R6S, from the operator selection screen to the final scoring screen, and everything in between," says Ubisoft. At the time of writing, Area F2 developer Alibaba, Google, and Apple have all remained silent on the matter, but we assume that the threat of a lawsuit will escalate the situation.

It's a pretty crazy story. Unashamed clones of existing games are often removed from storefronts as soon as the property holder demands it -- but for whatever reason, Area F2 has stuck around, forcing Ubisoft to take further action. Perhaps Google and Apple simply don't think that the mobile title is infringing on Ubisoft's shooter.

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[source bloomberg.com, via eurogamer.net]