Skate 4

A certain group of people on the internet really, really want Skate 4 to become a reality and boy do they want you to know about it. The unannounced project trended yet again on Twitter earlier today following the announcement of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 + 2 on PlayStation 4 with memes, jokes, and a vocal outcry questioning why EA has abandoned the series. Come on, we have to know why if the publisher never plans on going back to it.

The support for Skate 4 appears to be still alive and kicking, with the likes of the tweet below being shared close to 2,000 times. There were even more popular posts being shared across the social media site but we can't really host them here due to some choice language.

Are you part of that vocal group who continues to wish EA would make a Skate 4? Do you think it'll ever, ever happen? Pray for a PlayStation 5 version in the comments below.