Ghost of Tsushima has finally emerged from the shadows with an impressive gameplay blowout. We got 18 minutes of footage to trawl through thanks to Sony's latest State of Play broadcast, and simply put, we can't wait to play it.

But how will we actually play Ghost of Tsushima? For those who don't know, the game features a number of key options. In terms of gameplay, main character Jin can either fight as a samurai or as the infamous Ghost. The former appears to be all about deft swordplay and deadly duels, while the latter sees Jin take on the role of a ninja, using subterfuge and deception to get the jump on his enemies.

On top of that, the title offers an optional Samurai Cinema mode, which looks amazing. This mode applies a grainy black and white filter to the entire game, complete with more dramatic wind effects. It's designed to make the experience look like a classic samurai movie, and boy is it effective.

And finally, we've got the Japanese voice option. By default, the game's in English, but if you're looking for authenticity, then maybe you'll want to switch to Japanese dialogue. In any case, it's a welcome option.

With all that in mind, we're here to ask: how do you plan on playing Ghost of Tsushima? Samurai, or Ghost? Will you enable Samurai Cinema mode? English voices, or Japanese? Vote in our polls, and then give us your reasoning in the comment section below.

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