Mafia 3 PS4 Pro

As if the absolutely terrible remaster that is Mafia II: Definitive Edition wasn't enough, Mafia III has also been handed a raw deal on PS4 Pro. Following the game's 'Definitive Edition' update, the title now reportedly runs worse than ever on Sony's enhanced system. According to this detailed Reddit post, as corroborated by Eurogamer, the patch has removed the game's Pro support, dropping the resolution from 1440p, scrapping HDR, and generally just making the whole thing look worse.

Apparently, this is all because the aforementioned update doesn't take the PS4 Pro version of the game into account. It's a one-size-fits-all patch that basically reverts Mafia III to its base PS4 form, removing all of its graphical upgrades in the process. Maddening.

It's a good job, then, that 2K says a fix is in the works. "The development team supporting Mafia 3: Definitive Edition is aware of this issue and is working to restore support for Xbox One X and PlayStation 4 Pro as soon as possible," a spokesperson told Digital Foundry.

Let's hope that it gets fixed sooner rather than later, eh? Those who scooped up the recently released Mafia: Trilogy on PS4 Pro must be delighted with how it's turned out so far.

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