Hot off the heels of its State of Play broadcast last night, Naughty Dog has shared the next instalment in The Last of Us: Part II's video series. It doesn't feature any new footage, but it does focus on the meticulous level of care and attention the first-party developer takes with its titles. Titled Inside the Details, you can watch it for yourself above.

In it, Naughty Dog vice president Neil Druckmann talks about the studio's "insane attention to detail." The developer has researched certain themes through books, movies, and the events and news of today to create the most authentic story and set of characters in a game ever. Including a couple of glimpses at motion capture, Druckmann talks about how someone's skin can be reddened to suit the scene or change the colour of eyeballs. The way tears flow upon a character's face has even been intricately designed. The Last of Us: Part II really does seem to go above and beyond.

If you've missed either of the two previous episodes in this series, you can catch up on Inside the Story here and Inside the Gameplay here. How hyped are you for The Last of Us: Part II? Don't cry in the comments below.