So, we've just seen a brand new chunk of gameplay from The Last of Us: Part II in Sony's latest State of Play. After director Neil Druckmann reminded us all of the basics, we were treated to roughly 10 minutes of uncut footage. It's gory as anything.

We see Ellie swimming(!) through to an area controlled by the WLF, a new faction introduced in the sequel. What's cool is hearing the enemies talking, and Ellie commenting on it under her breath. She sneaks up on a girl who's -- yes -- playing Hotline Miami on her PS Vita. As she sneaks through, we get a look at crafting on the fly, and Ellie using a silenced pistol and stealth attacks to take out some enemies. One thing's for sure, the violence on show is a step up from the original, which was already brutal.

Ellie moves through the hospital, fighting back against the WLF as she makes her way upstairs. We should point out that the game looks absolutely stunning, as expected. The whole demonstration looks like a refined and enhanced version of the gameplay we know from the first game, although Ellie's dodges and better movement options will lend the game a more nimble flair.

Outside of the gameplay demo, new details are slim, but then we are only a couple of weeks away from launch. What did you think of The Last of Us 2's State of Play presentation? Are you more excited, or do you have reservations? Say no to spoilers in the comments section below.