PS5 Game Reveals Next-Gen

Geoff Keighley, also known in the Push Square office as the Master of Hype, is confident that future next-gen game reveals are going to meet expectations. In response to an IGN article that suggests lowering your expectations ahead of imminent announcements, Keighley writes on Twitter: "This article will likely not age well." Them's fighting words, Geoff!

Of course, next-gen reveals make for a hot topic right now, especially after the Xbox Series X event was slammed for its distinct lack of gameplay. The aforementioned IGN article argues that we should all set our expectations accordingly going forward, especially when it comes to next-gen graphics. Again, most of the games at the Xbox showing certainly didn't scream "next-gen".

Keighley obviously knows what's coming, given his position as curator of Summer Game Fest, and for the sake of positivity, we hope that his hype is well placed. Indeed, we're looking forward to learning more about the games that we'll be playing on PlayStation 5, but as they say, seeing is believing.