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Sony has never shared official sales numbers for last year's Death Stranding, but according to Hideo Kojima himself, it did well enough to recoup development costs and begin turning a profit. Those margins will only increase with the upcoming PC version to the point where Kojima says there's nothing to worry about. "We have enough profit to be ready for the next title."

The quote comes by way of a translated interview with Japanese outlet Livedoor. Death Stranding is now a profitable PS4 game, however, a project Kojima was recently working on has fallen through. In other words, it's no longer happening. He says that it gets in his hair but that's just the nature of the gaming industry. As we all know, games are cancelled behind the scenes all the time or heavily tweaked at the very least.

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Even more interestingly is the fact that Kojima was asked about the recent speculation linking him to a Silent Hills revival on PlayStation 5. He says: "Oh, It's only a false rumor... At least I have never listened at all." Online chatter surrounding this project has died significantly in the past couple of months as those who leaked the news claimed it was never a surefire bet. Silent Hill for PS5, on the other hand, very much appears to be a thing. Pyramid Head is even coming to Dead by Daylight in the meantime.

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