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Update: Things just got weird. Ali Salehi, the developer who made these comments about PS5, has apparently retracted his statements. The interview itself has seemingly been pulled offline, too.

The Twitter user who initially translated Salehi's comments, @man4dead, has deleted all tweets regarding the interview, and has said the Crytek engineer "doesn't confirm the content of the interview anymore due to personal reasons".

From where we're sitting, it seems Crytek, or possibly a company further up the chain, wanted the interview and Salehi's statements wiped from existence. It's been suggested he could have broken some sort of non-disclosure agreement. It's impossible to say exactly what's happened here, but the below is now effectively null and void. We'll update this story if more details emerge.

Original Story: Which is better, PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X? Unfortunately, it's a question that's going to rear its head frequently over the next year or two. Microsoft's next-gen console has the larger numbers when you compare tech specs, but several devs have been singing the praises of PS5. Ali Salehi is the latest to do so. He's a rendering engineer at Crytek, and recently took part in an interview to discuss PS5 and Xbox Series X.

It's in Persian, but a Persian Twitter user has taken it upon themselves to convert some choice quotes into English. If these translations are anything to go by, Salehi seems pretty smitten with PS5.

When asked how the two next-gen consoles compare, he says other devs are claiming PS5 "is the easiest console they have ever coded on to reach its peak performance". He goes on to say he thinks PS5 "is extremely simple and has so many abilities that make the devs so free". He concludes by stating PS5 "is a better console [than Xbox Series X]".

Salehi also praises PS5's ultra-fast SSD. He explains that Xbox Series X's quick resume feature -- which lets you put multiple games into a suspended state and switch between them within a few seconds -- could be achieved on PS5 "in under one second".

When asked which of the two consoles he personally prefers to work with, Salehi confidently says PS5 "without a moment of hesitation". He adds, "As a programmer I say PS5 is much better and I don't think you can find a programmer that could name one advantage that XSX has over PS5".

A pretty bold statement there. It sounds like PS5 has definitely convinced Salehi, despite the larger figures touted by Xbox Series X. Ultimately, the proof will be in the pudding -- we need to see some games running on these things. Hopefully we're not too far away from that.

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