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Given that Sony has delayed The Last of Us: Part II until further notice and the company's PlayStation 5 plans have allegedly been upended by the coronavirus, it's fair to expect more disruptions. The most prominent example in the land of PS4 is of course Ghost of Tsushima. The upcoming open world set during the Mongol invasions of Japan is looking very promising indeed, but given the state of the planet, it's thought that Sony will delay this game just as with Naughty Dog's latest. Our reader poll indicates that the majority of you are expecting this to happen.

However, with no official word on the matter, there's no way we can really know for sure. Things have been quiet on Sucker Punch Studio's game for a little while now, but it would seem Sony is confident in the 26th June release date. The latest scrap of evidence of this is an age certification in Australia. The game has been classified as MA15+, which appears to be the equivalent of a T in the USA or a 16 in Europe.

What does this tell us, exactly? Well, aside from confirming the game contains some language and strong violence (no surprises there), it suggests the game is pretty much done. Age ratings don't usually show up until a couple of months prior to release, even where delays are factored in. For instance, if The Last of Us 2 was coming out as intended on 29th May, there should be an Australian rating listed for it, but there isn't. Uncharted 4: A Thief's End is another example; initially scheduled for 2015, the game was then expected to launch before the end of March 2016, but finally arrived in May of that year. The game wasn't rated in Australia until 31st March 2016.

Of course, the world's current situation is a very unique set of circumstances. It's possible Sony could still delay Ghost of Tsushima despite the Australian rating. However, with this historic info, it appears the game is on course for its summer debut.

What do you think? Does this age rating suggest the game really is coming in June, or does it have no bearing? Tell us what you reckon in the comments below.

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