Whatever your thoughts on Sony’s new DualSense controller for the PlayStation 5, we can probably all agree that it’s striking to say the least. The Japanese giant’s opted for a bold two-tone design, with the lightbar integrated alongside the perimeter of the touchpad.

The hardware inside the pad is impressive to say the least, but its sci-fi colour scheme has also captured the imagination. It’s probably safe to assume that the platform holder will release dozens of different styles over the course of the generation, and mock-ups are already flooding in.

But let’s start with something a little more traditional. Over on ResetEra, user EVIL has mocked up this classic controller design. It’s got a matte black chassis and features the original, coloured PlayStation logo in the centre. Most importantly, the face buttons reprise their pastel hues, making for a very understated look.

Of course, from the understated comes the eye-grabbing. This hot pink alternative designed by Kaitlyn Molinas sports transparent triggers and seriously jazzy sticks.

Block colours are all well and good, of course, but what about some gradients? That's what Reddit user Doomster78666 has cooked up, utilising a variety of different colours. Some, we must stress, are more garish than others – but we quite like the gun metal concept.

How about something a little more specific, then? A Marvel’s Spider-Man sequel seems all but guaranteed for PS5, and there’ll probably be a custom controller to match. This design by BossLogic has our spider-sense tingling – primarily because it’s presented upside-down.

What if the controller featured some artwork on its handles, too? This Persona 5 Royal mock-up by Super Mario Faker features Joker below the d-pad, and includes the title's logo on the touchpad, too. It also shows how a PS5 box could look.

How are you feeling about the DualSense controller now? Do you prefer any of these mock-ups to the official design? Get your hands on in the comments section below.